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Strengthen Relationship Skills/Explore Strength and Growth Areas/Enhance Conflict Resolution/Utilize Personality Differences​/Grow Stronger Together


Relationship Enrichment is a professional counseling service for couples with an emphasis on wellness and prevention. Couples participating in relationship enrichment counseling will take the customizable online Prepare-Enrich assessment and participate in 50 minute counseling feedback session to review the results.


Relationship Enrichment is perfect for couples with a solid foundation looking to evaluate and grow the relationship even further. The Prepare-Enrich assessment, used for couples at all stages (dating, engaged and married), examines a couple's strongest areas as well as areas that have room for growth. Homework exercises are given to reinforce the feedback, and additional counseling sessions can be scheduled for any areas requiring further examination. Relationship Enrichment can be a good option for couples who did not have premarital counseling with a professional counselor.


Relationship Enrichment can empower even the strongest of relationships! Schedule your relationship enrichment session today!





Private, Confidential Sessions

Set Relationship Goals

Increase Foundational Strength

Relationship Enrichment Session utilizing Prepare-Enrich Assessment, 50 minutes; $140.00

Prepare-Enrich Couples Assessment (taken online prior to feedback session) 45 minutes per person; One-time fee $35.00 paid online directly to Prepare-Enrich.


Sessions are conducted on Zoom (HIPAA compliant version).

Cash, check, debit/credit cards and most health savings account cards are accepted for payment. I do not file insurance, however your provider may reimburse partially or fully for my services upon request depending on your coverage. 


Late Cancel/Missed Appointment Policy:

Lacey Amos Counseling has a 24 hour Late Cancel policy for rescheduling or canceling appointments.  A debit/credit card will be kept on file and an administrative fee of 50% of the session rate will be charged for a Late Cancel. The full session rate will be charged in the event of a missed appointment. 


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